Over 700 million European citizens are concentrated a few national groups. There are many ethic groups living in Europe and speaking their various languages. In addition, over 47 million people living in Europe are originally from other parts of the world. This makes Europe a highly complex blend of cultures and languages. We see this a chance for creating a society of unusual cultural and linguistic variety. It represents a unique European cultural treasure, which has to be cultivated by supporting this diversity, especially at its roots, at the social level: by supporting all families, those considered to be mono cultural and those who we perceive as multicultural, especially at the level of communication: by supporting the multilingualism in children.

We would like to invite you to a conference, the highlight of the MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES project.

Who is the conference for?

What is the purpose of the conference?

What is the nature of the conference?

Apart from presenting the resource pack created as a result of the MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES project, we will organise numerous workshops on family support and working with multilingual children at the conference. There will also be enough time to learn what world authorities have to say on the subject and for the discussion on the subject of raising children in the multilingual environment.

Project website: www.multilingual-families.eu